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Welcome to St. Mary School in Northridge, CA. We are a private, Christian school established in 2005 with a philosophy to raise well-rounded Christian children. At St. Mary School, each child is treated as a unique gift of God, trusting that if the Lord Christ, Himself, is at the center and heart of a child from their early beginnings, they will grow to become a positive presence to our community and society.

We believe that every moment is a teachable moment and an opportunity to build a better Christian student. We look at a child from a holistic perspective, which includes their family, school, and environment. We offer all our experience to bring our children to their fullest potential. Our experienced and loving teachers provide a fun, quality education in a safe and pleasant atmosphere.

We offer large, well-equipped classrooms with small class sizes in order to provide personal attention to each child. Take a look through our school programs and upcoming events. You can always give us a call if you have any questions.


Pre School

As parents, ourselves, we know exactly where you are we look into our children with eyes filled with joy and excitement for the future. We want the best in everything for them and we see them growing to their fullest potential going on to graduate from the most prestigious universities and becoming doctors, lawyers, teachers, and engineers. At St. Mary School, we offer a comfortable environment for our Preschoolers to learn, make friends, express themselves and above all share their faith. Most of our Kindergarten class reads two grade levels above their age. We have a structured program that is fun and interactive with a balance between playtime and education. There is always something to learn every step of the way because we believe that education can be found at all opportunities.

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Elementary School

At St. Mary School, we have created an environment where our young Christian students can share their faith, grow strong in the Lord, and be welcoming to everyone. As a non-profit organization, serving our families and the community at large is our goal. Our Elementary school go up to 5th grade. We have a strong educational program with an emphasis in English and Math. We find that a good foundation in these two subjects will help the students in their future endeavors.

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